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Jamones en el bar La Olla

In La Olla bar we offer you top quality products, which you can taste in our appetizers “pinchos”. We have a spectacular bar selection that our customers enjoy every day and repeat again and again, since they know our exceptional ham is selected from the best in the Extremadura mountains and Salamanca, our northern tuna is exquisite, as well as our anchovies, the magnificent Cariñena wine, our selection of wines, our wide assortment of sandwiches, our ham and cheese fritters and our appetizers. The selection in origin of these products makes La Olla a reference in the Basque Country, which is famous for its “pincho” gastronomy.

An essential requirement for a real Iberian acorn ham is the “dehesa”, a forest rich in acorns, in which pigs are raised in total freedom. Without it, a 100% acorn fed free range Iberian ham would not be possible.

The Iberian acorn hams of La Olla, with denomination of origin of Extremadura, are raised in the “dehesa” and are characterized by a series of parameters that impact our senses:

  • Sight. They are deep red and shiny, with pearlescent fat
  • Touch. They are light, silky, and soft in contact with fat
  • Smell. They are sweet and penetrating
  • Taste. They have an explosive sensation in our palate, and they are velvety in the mouth, slow melting and with infinite aftertaste

It takes more than 36 months in the cellar to obtain our Iberian acorn hams with denomination of origin of Extremadura.

  2018 Aste Nagusia Menu

  Start with... (all included)

  • Assortiment of Iberian Premium pork products
  • Duck foie terrine, homemade jellies, sweets and bread with raisins and walnuts

  Continue with... (to choice)

  • Boneless large veal chops with potatoes and red peppers
  • Premium cod pil-pil with black olives and garlic salt

  Finish with...

  • Homemade cheesecake with berries ice cream

Group Menu, this menu is only served whole table Piérola Rioja Red wine or Txakoli Gorka Izagirre (Half bottle), bread and water included

40 €

I.V.A. incluido

  946 791 440